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Photography Workshop

We collect a lot of feedback from our participants. At the end of our photography workshops, the participants are asked to fill in a rather long feedback form (an online form), where we not only ask for their ratings on specific parameters, but also give them plenty of free space to comment on the workshop content, structure, instructor and the facilities. We make a request to fill in as much details as possible, since we go through every feedback with care, discuss them and see if there are any improvements to be made. Going through a series of these feedback collected over last two years in an attempt to understand what makes us click, we could see five important reasons why participants may have been repeatedly referring their friends to us, and also coming back to us again to learn more and explore the outdoors on our photography tours. There are more than 5 reasons, but let’s limit to the top five for now, and take a quick glance at a small number of the many testimonials.

1. Highly knowledgeable instructors with excellent communication and a willingness to work with every participant all through the workshop, and even after workshop is complete. As participants of our past workshops say

“Very friendly instructors.” – Prasanna D

“The instructors are very approachable and ready for help” – Shantanu

“I enjoyed the informal and friendly attitude of the instructors.. I liked that the instructors were direct and honest in their feedback, opinions etc… I liked that the instructors answered all questions and even the ones they said they would get back, they remembered and addressed it.” – Tharini.


2. Our workshops are carefully designed to make the best of two days time, and are made to be highly interactive with equal emphasis on theory and practice.

photography workshop

“Excellent course content, pace and attitude. Enjoyed the workshop immensely and have recommended the workshop several others at the workplace. My expectation of the workshop was not very high to be honest but I was pleasantly surprised at the amound I learnt on the first day” – Sneha

“Overall course structure and sequencing was very good” – Ajith Prasad

“Course coverage was execelleent and we had pretty good understanding of all technical aspects” – Himmat R

“Liked the practical sections after each aspect was covered..
Overall a very good session” – Anjali


3. Our workshop is beginning of a lasting relationship in pursuit of photography as a fulfilling activity, not just limited to a weekend interaction.

+ Our photography workshop is never treated as a two day course that ends on the second day. Rather, it will always be beginning of a new fulfilling hobby/practice into which we journey together. We continue to interact and work with participants, be available to help and solve problems related to photography. Participants often call/email on a tricky subject they have been trying to photograph and need help when they are out with a camera.

+ Participants also get access to an exclusive online group to discuss/interact on photography and share their images, get feedback from other group members and the mentors.

+ Participants can also attend our free get-togethers and talks on specific topics in photography, which help further the pursuit of photography as a passion. These also serve as opportunity to meet fellow photography enthusiasts with a common interest.

+ Continued exposure to opportunities and next level programs that help you steer your photography in the right direction, discover the possibilities of focusing in specific genres of photography and enjoy a continued mentoring in the pursuit.


4. Our workshops were created and presented by people with years of experience and expertise in photography, with an amazing body of images, several published works and awards behind them. Our photographers, who have created these workshops have excelled in the art by travelling and photographing across the country for many years, acquiring knowledge and experience in the field. They have been recognized and their works have been published across the world. This collage shows a tiny fragment of their huge collection of beautiful images.

photography workshop

A sample of images by our photographers who have designed the course and take sessions at the workshops.

[instructors] are very good at the subject. – Mayank R

Very good Knowledge on subject. – Sunil Kumar

You’ve done a very good job. Having knowledge about something is very good, but sharing that is where it gets even better. – VIkas V


5. The testimonials from our workshop participants for over two years speak about the quality of our workshops. We have had great success with our workshops, with people going back delighted all the time and taking up their new hobby with great enthusiasm.

photography workshop

“Excellent course content, pace and attitude. Enjoyed the workshop immensely and have recommended the workshop several others at the workplace. My expectation of the workshop was not very high to be honest but I was pleasantly surprised at the amound I learnt on the first day.” — Sneha

“i learnt a lot and met really talented people, who helped me with learning photography” – Vikram R

“The sessions were very interactive which made everyone engage in all the sessions. Instructor was very friendly trying to clear our doubts on various aspects of photography.The learnings of day one helped us click some good pics during the outdoor session.” – Sujith

To know more about our workshops, course content and schedule visit Level 1 Workshop – Introduction to Digital Photography

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