Photography Workshop for Beginners – Bangalore

Start a fulfilling creative pursuit today with our workshop on photography fundamentals. Koramangala, Bangalore | March 18 - 19, 2017


  • Note: We conduct the Photography Workshops for Beginners at regular intervals in Bangalore. If the mentioned dates do not work for you, or if you don’t see one scheduled in near future, write to us and we will notify you when the next workshop happens.

  • Start a creative pursuit and enter the exciting world of photography with our weekend photography workshops. Learn how to make the best of what your camera is capable of, discover the art of framing the shot and making beautiful compositions, and understand how to make the best use of light available!

    Hundreds of photography-enthusiasts have attended our workshops in the past five years to emerge as better photographers capable of making the best possible images in every situation.

  • Dates – March 18 – 19, 2017

    Price – ₹6,000/- per person

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What participants say…

Photography by participant: Balaji.

Photography by participant: Balaji.

Excellent course content, pace and attitude. Enjoyed the workshop immensely and have recommended the workshop several others at the workplace. My expectation of the workshop was not very high to be honest but I was pleasantly surprised at the amound I learnt on the first day. – Sneha

i learnt a lot and met really talented people, who helped me with learning photography. – Vikram R

best part of the workshop was the organizers were so patient they were so so good… they helped us in each and every aspect… – Deepak

The instructors are very approachable and ready for help – SHanthanu

Timely help was provided whenever required. Totally worth every Rupee – Rekha

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Why you should join this workshop?

This workshop is a great opportunity to begin an interesting hobby and a creative pursuit. You should join this workshop if you –

    • are keen to begin a creative pursuit
    • have a camera with you (or buying one soon) and want to familiarize with all the advanced contorls
    • have an interest in photography and are just getting started
    • are keen to take better photographs, improve your photography skills and also technical knowledge

You need not have any prior photography experience to join this workshop. Take a look at our course content to understand what you learn during the sessions.

You will be required to bring your digital camera to the workshop. An advanced camera or an SLR is NOT a prerequisite, though having one helps get better practical insights.

Photograph by a participant: Suryakanth Sajjan

Photograph by a participant: Suryakanth Sajjan

Topics Covered

Through this workshop, we introduce you to the technical, artistic and social aspects of photography with this workshop. You will learn about the concepts of photography, what the different modes of a camera mean, how to compose a photograph so that it catches the eye, how to post-process it to reflect reality or make it artistic. So the next time you click a photograph, you’ll create a memory to cherish.

The workshop is conducted as a healty mix of indoor sessions with a lot of theory+practice along with outdoor session that offers diverse subjects to test your learning.

Indoor Sessions

Photograph by participant: Omkar Anil Gune

Photograph by participant: Omkar Anil Gune

  • Understanding your camera

    • Understanding digital cameras and associated photography gear
    • Familiarization with all the controls in your camera
    • Camera modes and making the best out of your camera – Program Mode, Aperture Priority, Shutter Priority and Manual modes
  • Technical Concepts of photography
    • Technical aspects of making a photograph
    • Focus and Focal Length
    • Understanding exposure, histograms and metering
    • Aperture, Depth of Field, Shutter-speed, ISO and White Balance
    • Knowing what makes a technically good photograph; identifying problems in images
  • Composition
    • Stories through your photographs
    • Guidelines for good composition
    • Understanding quality and play of light
  • Types of photography and their nuances
    • Portrait, Landscape, Wildlife, Architecture and Macro photography at a glance
  • Post-processing images on the computer

Field Session

  • Guided field session at Lal Bagh to practice concepts learnt in the classroom
  • Review of photographs from field session


After the workshop, you will be able to

  • understand the different controls in your digital camera and make the best use of them depending on the circumstances at which you are shooting.
  • know and use the advanced modes to control the exposure and depth of field to get the best from your subject.
  • understand the nuances of composition, which helps in taking appealing images.
  • make the best use of your camera’s abilities and open up to unlimited possibilities in photography.

Workshop Venue

Photograph by participant: Glancy Fernandes.

Photograph by participant: Glancy Fernandes.

Hotel Nandhana Grand
52, 5th Cross,
60 Feet Road,
Next to Vijaya Bank,
6th Block, Koramangala,
Bengaluru, Karnataka 560095

Workshop Schedule

Day 1 (Saturday): We will begin the workshop at 9:30AM at Hotel Nandhana Grand, in Koramangala. Day 1 would be indoor sessions where we’ll go through the concepts of photography interspersed with practice sessions, with breaks for lunch and snacks/tea. First day’s workshop ends by 5:30 PM.

Day 2 (Sunday): We meet at Lal Bagh at 6:15 AM to get the best of early morning light. We’ll practice the concepts (learnt on Day 1) till about 8:15 AM. We’ll have breakfast enroute and return to the hotel. We’ll continue with the indoor sessions and image reviews. The second day’s session ends with lunch by 3:30 PM.

Photos by Participants

Here is a sample of images taken during the field session (on day 2) by participants.

View some more images at: panning-photos-at-our-photography-workshop/

(c) Glancy Fernandes.

© Glancy Fernandes.

Shikha 1

© Shikha Singh

Arpita Bhawal

© Arpita Bhawal


© Devangana Viresh Gupta

© Rajesh

© Rajesh

 © Howard Giblin

© Howard Giblin

Smriti Raj Vardhini

© Smriti Raj Vardhini

 © Gautham

© Gautham


© Omkar Anil Gune

Workshop Cost

The workshop fee is Rs. 6,000/- per person.

The workshop fee includes:

    • Classroom sessions and field session under the guidance of Darter Photography Expert
    • Lunch and tea/snacks for both days of the workshop
    • Breakfast on Day 2 after field session

You would be required to bring your digital camera to the workshop. An advanced camera or an SLR is NOT a prerequisite, though having one can give you better practical insights into camera controls.

Registration Details

You can register and make payment online below by choosing the number of participants and clicking on ‘Register’ button. If you can’t make online registration and require alternate payment options or for further information, email us at or call us at 7022166822 (Sreedevi) / 9880006460 (Arun Bhat). You may also fill in the form at the bottom of this page.

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