Food Styling and Photography Workshop in Delhi NCR

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    Darter Photography presents a food styling and photography workshop in association with Italiano  for passionate food photographers who want to take their food photography to the next level. The workshop aims at imparting practical skills with live demo to ensure pro-quality pictures by participants after the workshop. Passionate food blogger, stylist and photographer Deeba Rajpal will conduct this workshop and take you through nuances of food photography and styling. Prasad Np a passionate photographer and travel and food writer will take you through basics of photography.

  • Workshop Date
    March  24, 2018

Photography Workshop Overview

Darter Photography introduces you to the technical and artistic aspects of food photography with this workshop.

You will learn about the basic concepts of Food Styling and Photography


It will be a hands-on session with a combination of theory as well as practice sessions with the help of mentors during the session.

Post-workshop you will be able to

  • Take better food pictures
  • Understand your camera better
  • Importance of Food Styling
  • Use of props in Food styling and photography
  • Tips from experts about how to take your pictures to the next level

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Who Should Join?

Who Should Join?

This workshop is for

  • Those who are passionate about clicking great food pictures
  • Food Bloggers
  • Food Stylist
  • Home Chefs and bakers who like to share their pictures on social networks
  • Aspiring Food photographers

this photography workshop is for you.

You will be required to bring your digital camera to the workshop. An advanced camera or an SLR is NOT a prerequisite.

But you are expected to know the basic functionality of the camera you are bringing. Do also carry a tripod if you have one.

Topics Covered

Topics Covered

Session Will Include

  1. What is food photography
  2. Challenges of Food Photography
  3. A session of basics of photography with core concepts like Aperture, Shutter Speed, Depth of field lights etc. covered
  4. Composition techniques
  5. Different Angles to click food
  6. Best equipment for Food photography
  7. Tricks learned over years of food photography by the mentors
  8. Practice session
  9. Interaction with Chef on food
  10. Clicking Food Pictures vs telling a food story using pictures
  11. Food blogging and Food pictures for Instagram
  12. Interaction with Chef and team at the restaurant. They will share some of their food styling and plating secrets.

Practice Session

  • Understanding Food Styling for different foods
  • Composition rules – and how to break them creatively
  • Clicking pictures using available light
  • Creative use of colors
  • Use of props to create mood and styling
  • Challenges when clicking in field e.g in a Restaurant
  • Styling and clicking raw ingredients
  • Challenges clicking & styling hot and cold beverages
  • Sharing and networking using food pictures


After the workshop, you will be able to

  • Understand the different controls in your digital camera and make the best use of them depending on the circumstances at which you are shooting.
  • Know and use the advanced modes to control the exposure and depth of field to get the best from your subject.
  • Understand the nuances of composition, angles, use of the prop in food pictures, which helps in taking appealing images.
  • Make the best use of your camera’s abilities and open up possibilities in food photography.

Workshop Venue

Workshop Venue



Food photography workshop Delhi NCR

109, ITALIANO, First floor, Cyber Hub 

Phone Numbers – 9810078065 / 9910327486.

Workshop Schedule

Workshop Schedule

  • 10:30 am: Intros and expectations settings
  • 11: 00 am Understanding what level each participant is with their camera and photography
  • Class room session
  • Continue with session and presentation.
  • Click some pictures to understand buttons on camera
  • 1:30 pm Lunch Break, with some chat with Chef
  • Session continues. More practice with pictures
  • This will be a practice break and participants will practice on the snacks and food served during this break
  • Assignments will be given during this session.
  • Review of images clicked
  • 4:00 pm goodbye.

NOTE: Based on the skills/interest of the attendees, we may bifurcate the group as per their proficiency level

Q A and informal discussion around food styling and photography

Good bye: 4 pm.

Workshop Cost

Workshop Cost

The workshop fee is Rs. 7500/- per person including GST

The workshop fee includes:

  • Classroom sessions and practice session under the guidance of Darter Photography Expert
  • Lunch and tea/snacks during workshop
  • Membership to Exclusive by Invitation Only Darter Photography group of Facebook where you can ask questions and interact with other Darter Photographers and continue to enhance your photography skills.

You would be required to bring your digital camera to the workshop. An advanced camera or an SLR is NOT a prerequisite.

Join This Workshop

Join This Workshop

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Excellent course content, pace and attitude

Sneha, Software Professional a beginner, it was a good hands on learning experience

Jyothin, Software professional

“best part of the workshop was the organizers were so patient they were so so good… they helped us in each and every aspect…

Deepak, Student

Timely help was provided whenever required. Totally worth every Rupee


The instructors are very approachable and ready for help


Photography Mentor

Photography Mentor

Deeba Rajpal

A non conformist, passionate & ‘rabid’ baker and blogger from Gurgaon, for whom visual appeal holds as much significance as healthy and delectable food. Any idea that grabs my fancy becomes a springboard for creativity. A ‘locavore’, a ‘bake-a-holic’, an ‘absolut’ baker are synonymous with who I am, a reflection of the artisan baker in me. My mantra – ‘Bake From Scratch’. Join me in my culinary adventures as I try to conquer the oven!

Notes: rabid: (adj) marked by excessive enthusiasm for and intense devotion to a cause or idea

Passionate About Baking is a food blog about baking, cooking, photography, food trends, cuisines, and cultures. It’s mainly about ‘Doing Food from Scratch’. The blogger is based in India where she explores baking with fruit, new ingredients, alternative flours, gluten free foods etc. She enjoys food styling, food photography & recipe development. Check some of her work on her blog: Passionate About Baking


Prasad Np: Is a passionate photographer and travel writer with published work in many magazines and newspapers. He is Chief Evangelist at Prasad NDarter and takes care of the building and growing new markets, business, partnerships, blog and social media platforms for Darter. He also writes travel, photography and food blog desi Traveler


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