Wildlife Photography Tours

With one of the most diverse range of destinations, Darter Photography’s Wildlife Photography Tours help you explore, experience and learn wildlife photography like never before. From photographing charismatic mammals like elephants and tigers in South and Central Indian forests…to the extreme biodiversity of the rainforests of the Western Ghats…to the vast wildernesses of the Rann of Kutch…to the endemic birds of Andamans – we have it all here!

What can you expect on our wildlife photography tours?

  • Learn Wildlife Photography – Through detailed classroom sessions and on-the-field mentoring, our Wildlife Photography tours offer a good hands-on learning experience. Regular photography review sessions help you enhance your photography skills. Detailed group discussions infuse new thinking and ideas.
  • Learn about Wildlife – Our mentors are not just expert wildlife photographers – they are excellent naturalists too. They’ll help you with understanding more about the habitat, the diversity of flora and fauna and conservation practices. In many places, we also tie up with researchers and local experts, making the learning multi-dimensional.
  • Diversity of destinations – This offers a variety of photography opportunities and shooting conditions, not to mention the flora and fauna being photographed.
  • Timing – Our tours are all planned to try and coincide with interesting photography opportunities. Like the River Tern Tour to Bhadra that is conducted every year around the time thousands of birds flock to this place. Or the Wild West Tour to Kutch in December when the migratory birds flock here.

On a Darter Photography wildlife photography tour, we’ll make sure that the whole experience matters! Check out our range of upcoming wildlife photography tours below.

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