Theyyams of North Kerala Photography Tour

Photographing Theyyams - a tour to experience & photograph the vivid Theyyams of North Kerala. Mar 22-26, 2018

  • Dates – Mar 22-26, 2018

    Price – ₹34,350/- per person

    Max participants: 6 only
  • Join us on this intense tour to photograph the magnificent Theyyams of North Kerala. A Theyyam–a man turning to god for a short duration–is about a ritual celebration of an artist entering into trance and dancing feverishly in a temple premise. The decor of the performer is very vivid and sometimes frightening, and the ritual dances are very involving in a small space next to the temple. There are a variety of Theyyams celebrated, each different from the next, and they are celebrated across North Kerala in many places until the monsoon begins. Some Theyyams are very intense and photogenic and may often involve jumping across fire or dancing with lamps on the body.

    This is a spectacle to be celebrated for photographers as well! The colours and lighting can be mind-boggling, although the situations are often challenging to shoot. This mentored photography tour is planned to help you make the best of Theyyam celebrations, and come back with experiences and photographs that will delight you!

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Itinerary – Photographing Theyyams of North Kerala

Day 1. Arrive in Mangalore and drive to our accommodation in Kannur district (3 hours). A group pickup is available from Mangalore at 2pm.

Please note:

1. Individual pickups from Mangalore can be facilitated at an additional cost.
2. You may also drive directly to our accommodation in Kannur. Details will be provided over email.
3. We can also provide pickup from Kannur train station or other convenient locations where you may arrive.

We will have a briefing and instructions from your mentor in the evening.

Day 2, 3 and 4: We will be visiting several Theyyam celebrations during the course of these three days. The schedules of Theyyams can be very fluid, and some of them often run late into late and even into small hours of morning. These three days, we would be shooting depending on Theyyam schedules during day as well as night. Be prepared for an erratic sleep schedule!

On one of the evenings, we will have an exclusive Kalaripayuttu photography session next to a beach-side location.

Depending on Theyyam schedules, we may also be able to enjoy an evening of sunset by the beach.

Day 5: Post breakfast, we will leave for Mangalore. We will reach Mangalore airport by 12pm. We recommend booking your flights out of Mangalore that depart after 1.30pm.

Is this tour for you?

This tour is suitable for anyone who is keen to experience and photograph the splendor of Theyyams. The tour doesn’t impose any prerequisite in terms of equipment or photography skills of the participants. Join us if the learning to make beautiful travel images of Theyyam appeals to you.

Our photographers interact closely with every participants and work with you no matter what is your expertise level in photography. Travellers keen to see and experience the Theyyams of North Kerala are also welcome to join this group.

Visit our tour faq to know more details about how our photography tours are conducted.

Tour Price

Tour price: Rs.34,350 per person.

The cost includes

  • Group pickup from Mangalore. Private pickups are possible at an additional cost
  • Accommodation on twin sharing basis. Single supplement available on request at an additional cost.
  • All meals, starting from dinner on Day 1 to breakfast on Day 5.
  • All ground transport as required for the itinerary.
  • Services of a photography mentor, photography sessions, on-field assistance and image reviews.

The cost does not include

  • Travel from your location to Mangalore.
  • Addition beverages, snacks and bottled water.
  • Tips and other expenses not mentioned in the inclusion mentioned above.

Cancellation Policy:

– Cancellation at least 30 days before the date of tour commencement: 75% of the tour fee is refunded
– 30 to 15 days before date of tour commencement: 50% of the tour fee is refunded
– 15 to 10 days before date of commencement: 25% of the tour fee is refunded
– No refunds for cancellation made less than ten days before tour begins.

Your Photography Mentor

Manish Lakhani

manish lakhani

Manish is a versatile photographer with an excellent history of creating brilliant images of culture, heritage and landscapes. For several years now, he has been photographing the cultural heritage of India that includes the shepherds of Himalayan Highlands, native people of North-East India and western India in addition to rich traditions of Kerala. He is renwoned for his unique portrayal of remote cultures from across India. His rendevzvous with the brilliant Theyyam artists in the recent years has helped him curate this eventful tour.

His works have been regularly featured in magazines across the world, and he is attested by several experts as one of the finest travel photographers from Indian in the recent years.

He is also known for his prowess in landscape photography, that has been achieved with his years of travelling in the high Himalayas. His portfolio is admirable and very diverse and includes star-studded mountainous skies, snow-filled trans-Himalayas, exotic festival and semi-nomadic cultures.

He has been mentoring photography enthusiasts for several years now, and is known for his exuberant personality as much as he is known for his photography skills.

Manish was born with a love for travel, which has carried him back to the remote places in India, coastal side, Central Asia and South East Asian Countries as well in search unique culture, stories and images. He has captained some incredible photo expedition just not in the high mountain regions, but other corners where colourful culture and unique way of life.

More of his work can be seen at

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