Outdoor Photography Primer – Architecture & Landscapes of Hampi

Learn diverse aspects of outdoor photography with our master travel photography Arun Bhat as you travel through rich landscapes & heritage sites of Hampi. Dec 01,02,03 2017

  • Dates – Dec 01-03, 2017

    Price – ₹21,650/- per person

  • Join our master travel photographer Arun Bhat on a journey to unfold the joys of outdoor photography! Discover how to frame the magic of light, create images that come from your own unique perspectives and make impressions that last in the minds of your viewer.

    Travel with award winning photographers to a location with unparalleled photography opportunities, on a tour that can completely change the way you look at your subjects, and the way you make images!

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Your Photography Mentor

This outdoor photography primer is mentored by award winning travel photographer and renowned mentor Arun Bhat, who comes with years of experience in mentoring photography enthusiasts through our well-known workshops and tours. Arun is also a founding members at Darter Photography. Read more about Arun below.

Arun Bhat


Arun Bhat is a multiple award-winning, internationally published photographer with more than a decade of experience behind the camera. He has conducted workshops and tours in several locations across Asia, including Dubai, Myanmar, Cambodia, Bhutan and destinations all over India. You can find his works at www.paintedstork.com

While he has exposed himself to multiple genres of photography that expands to travel, studio work, real-estate, landscapes and much more, he is more known for his prowess in travel photography. His experience has helped him emerge a master in composition, storytelling and in framing the right moods at the right moment.

Arun has been mentoring photography enthusiasts for than five years now, designing and conducting a variety of photography workshops and tours that help people elevate their photography beyond conventionally recognized ideas.

Over several visits to Hampi in the past, Arun has understood the many moods that this incredible ancient city has to offer, and has built a large collection of images that are unrivaled. See his works from Hampi here. Travelling to Hampi with Arun is something not to be missed!

The places you will see and photograph in Hampi

Here is a bunch of images from the places we will be visiting in Hampi during the Outdoor Photography Primer.

Hampi Photography Hampi Photography Hampi Photography
Hampi Photography Hampi Photography Hampi Photography
Hampi Photography Hampi Photography Hampi Photography
Hampi Photography Hampi Photography Hampi Photography Hampi Photography

Overview – Outdoor Photography Primer at Hampi

“Outdoor Photography Primer” at Hampi is a three-day photography tour designed to impart insights into the nuances of outdoor photography. The tour helps you to understand, assess and make the best of outdoor lighting conditions and helps you visualize your subjects as elements that help you produce beautiful & interesting images.

Hampi is not just about ancient ruins and architectural wonders. The region also offers incredible landscapes that open-up to unlimited possibilities for an outdoor photographer. This combination of landscapes and architectural heritage make Hampi a perfect ground for experimenting on outdoor photography.

Landscapes – the river, boulders and hills of Hampi.

Hampi photographyStanding on the top of one of the highest landmarks of Hampi on an early morning as we wait for the the first rays of sun, our group of photographers will see the eagle’s eye view of the vast boulderscapes of Hampi with ancient temples and pavilions (mantapas) dotting the landscape. The Tungabhadra River magically squeezes its way through this arid landscapes, gently reflecting the blue skylights of the morning, perhaps with a coracle or two floating on it, ferrying people from the bathing ghats to Vithala Temple. Have you ever felt, in places like this, that no photographs can justify the beauty of nature in front of you? We tend to agree, but we will also stay with you to bridge that gap between what you see and what you capture.

Sunsets can be equally captivating, as the sun paints the sky in hues of deep orange-pink, as we gather on a lively hillock littered with pillared pavilions, large boulders, small temples and a fragrant frangipani tree. Don’t be surprised if you forget photography for a moment and get engrossed in the evening landscape. But Darter Photography Expert will make sure you have the time of your life, with your experiences of the place as well as with your camera. There is no way you will go back home without taking great pictures and a brilliant smile.

Architecture and the ruins

Of course you would have heard of these. Hampi’s architectural heritage and its temples in various stages of ruination have brought this small village the UNESCO world heritage site status. A large number of monuments more than four hundred years old are strewn all across the plains of Hampi, inviting photographers to lose themselves in the ruins. But it would make little sense in making mere imprints of these beauties in your camera. With nearly half a dozen visits to the site, your photography expert has done a lot of work to find out what are the best monuments to shoot at what time of the day, to assess the direction of light that works good on these monuments and some great locations of Hampi and the right hour to capture their essence. All this knowledge is at the disposal of our participants, which helps make the tour a highly fruitful photography sojourn. The photography expert is there with you all the time, helping you when you have problems, reviewing your pictures and assisting you on field, ensuring that you get the best of what Hampi has to offer.

Yout takeaway from this tour & what you will learn

Hampi photographyDuring this tour, we focus on making you an effortless outdoor photographer who can

  • bring justice to the visuals that are unfolding in front of you through your photographs and
  • create unique interesting images that stand out from the rest.

Our discussions during the three days will revolve around the following topics.

  • Understanding and assessing the light, and making the best use of available light as an outdoor photographer.
  • Thinking process that helps create unique and interesting photographs.
  • Understanding what makes an image special and infusing ideas towards making such special images.
  • Several on ground review sessions to help you assimilate the above ideas
  • End-of-the-day review sessions to identify your strengths and ideas to improvise your photography further.

Is This Tour For You?

Many photography enthusiasts as we know always feel that their images do not speak what they intended to say through the images. We have often heard people say, ‘there is something amazing unfolding in front me, but the images I captured do not reflect the awe that I witnessed in the scene’. This outdoor photography primer intends to reduce this evident gap between what you see and what you capture.

How do we address this gap? This requires a multi-pronged approach. While understanding your camera is the first step to it, the important leap comes from being able to observe: observe the quality and direction of light, the subject and the elements around it and even observing how the subject/story is shaping up in your mind.

This outdoor photography primer looks at all these aspects that make an image – the technical parameters, the aesthetics of framing an image, sculpting the right mood with light and effectively presenting a story through your pictures.

This brings us back to the question: is this tour suitable for you? The answer is a ‘yes’, if you are looking to bridge the gap between the awesomeness unfolding in front of you, and what is captured by you with a camera.

Although this outdoor photography primer assumes that you have some understanding of the basic controls of your camera – aperture and shutter speeds, you do not need worry much on this. We can refresh you with these concepts during the tour, although this outdoor photography primer focuses primarily on seeing / understanding the light, and developing a vision for interesting and unique compositions.

Fear not! You are welcome to join this tour even without the understanding of your basic camera controls. We will quickly familiarize the essential camera control required during this tour and ensure that you can seemlessly practice the ideas discussed during the tour. However, this tour is not a suitable option if you are primarily looking for an extensive tutoring on fundamental camera controls.

Feel free to call us or get in touch via email, if you need any clarifications.

Reaching Hampi

The tour spans three full days, starting from breakfast on the first day and ending in the evening of third day. Participants should plan to arrive at the hotel in Hosapete / Hospet latest by 10am on the first day and may depart after 7pm on last day.

Travel recommendations – from Bangalore

Hampi photographyHampi is about 350km from Bangalore. The best way to reach is by overnight train to Hosapete / Hospet station (Hampi Express, train 16592), which is 10km from our hotel at Hampi. See irctc.co.in for train schedules and booking.

Several overnight buses are also available – see ksrtc.in or redbus.in for details.

If you have difficulty finding train/bus information and would you need assistance with travel planning from Bangalore, please let us know and we will do our best to help you.

Travel recommendations – from other cities

From Hyderabad: Overnight train (Kcg Ypr Express, train 17603) and buses are available from Hyderabad to Hosapete / Hospet. Visit www.redbus.in for information on buses.

From Mumbai: Several overnight buses are available from Mumbai to Hosapete / Hospet. Please visit www.redbus.in for details.

Participants should plan to arrive at the hotel in Hosapete / Hospet before 10am on Day 01.

Tour Price

The cost of this tour is Rs.21,650/-

Hampi photographyThe cost includes:

  • Accommodation on twin sharing basis at a comfortable hotel. Single occupancy can be requested at an additional cost.
  • All meals starting with breakfast on Day 1, ending with lunch of Day 3.
  • Visits to the sites and local transfers
  • All entry fees and camera fees
  • Photography sessions and services of expert photographer for the group

The cost does not include:

  • Transport from your location to Hospet/Hampi
  • Additional food or beverages other than what is mentioned in the includes section.
  • Tips and anything that is not part of the includes list above

Please note: The hotel check-in time on the starting day is 1pm. Provided the rooms are available, we will do our best to check-in sooner. Irrespective of hotel check-in timings, we may begin our activities sooner.


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