Photography Tours

Mentored photography tours to amazing locations across India, Asia, Africa and Antarctica

Combine your twin passions of Travel and Photography to join us on journeys to the best of photography destinations across the world, including India, Asia, Africa and Antarctica.

Our small-group photography tours cater to photography enthusiasts of all levels of expertise. Most tours have only ten participants per departure, allowing plenty of opportunities for mentor-participant interactions and personalized mentoring. Amateur photographers build upon their photography skills and get a chance to explore new avenues in photography. Serious hobbyists benefit from our homework of scouting the right locations, right timings and the lighting. Beginners on our tours learn about the basics of photography, through condensed sessions and on-field assistance from the Darter Photography Mentor. Please read our Tour FAQs for more details on our tours.

Looking for a private, customized photography tour instead of joining one of our group tours?
See what we can do for you – Private & Customized Photography Tours.

Also see: FAQ on our photography tours | our photography workshops

Upcoming Photography Tours

Our photography tours are timed to make the best of photography opportunities at different places. We keep adding new exciting locations to this calendar. To stay updated on our upcoming tours, stay in touch with us through:

Our Portfolio of Tours

In addition to the above, Darter Photography conducts photography tours to many other exciting destinations. A glimpse of these destinations is provided below. Subscribe to our mailing list from our home page or connect with us on Facebook to stay tuned to upcoming editions of these tours.