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Our first Food Photography and styling workshop, recently conducted was well received by Delhi NCR food photography enthusiasts.  The workshop was structured in such a manner that it should benefit both advance level photographers as well as budding enthusiasts.

Deeba Rajpal the well known Food Stylist, blogger and photographer who works with various master chefs including Vikas Khanna was the mentor for the workshop. Prasad helped her with the technical stuff in answering the questions related to basics of photography. The idea was to divide the pariticipants as per their skill levels both in technicals as well as styling and with 2 mentors present in room it became easy to give personal attention to each one of the participants.

Deeba Rajpal

Deeba Rajpal : Food Styling and photography Workshop

We started with a small presentation on basics of photography for the benefit of those who needed it  and covered the holy trinity of camera – Aperture, Shutter Speed and ISO.  Soon it was time to move to styling and practical experience with clicking images.  So Deeba immediately took the lead and  started with a small presentation to the participants in which she shared  her vast knowledge and experience as a Food Stylist and photographer.

Food photography and styling workshop  Hardit Singh Bedi

Hardit Singh Bedi- Clicking some food at the workshop

It was good to see the participants actively asking questions and enthusiastically clicking pictures during the workshop. So much was the enthusiasm of the participants that even when snacks arrived they were more keen to click pictures rather than eat the snacks. Same thing  happened around lunch time.

Food Styling and photography workshop

Styling makes all the difference to food pictures


Food photography and styling workshop (18)

Participants Shilpi Chowdhry, Anamika Singh and Sangeeta Khanna at the workshop

Food photography and styling workshop (17)

Shikha Sachdeva clicks some pics with her ipad


Food photography and styling workshop (12)

Practice makes a photographer perfect

Through out the workshop Deeba answered questions of participants, and encouraged them to practice with different angles and point of view to click better pictures.

Some of the key take away of the Food Photography and styling workshop were

  1. Know your camera. Irrespective of what camera you have a point and shoot, an iPhone or an advanced DSLR you need to know your equipment to click better pictures.
  2. Be prepared: Before you start clicking pictures make sure you have everything you will need create a paper or mental list of all the props the shoot requires, the background, the food that will be clicked etc.
  3. Never click a picture with the aim that I will correct it in Post Processing. Post processing helps in making a good picture great, but it will never be able to make a bad picture look good.
  4. Never be satisfied with one picture, take pictures from different angles, distance, light conditions etc.
  5. Analyze each of the picture carefully and keep on the best pictures, if you do not have the ability to criticize your own work you will never get rid of pictures that are not good.

Well we do hope all the participants enjoyed the workshop and we are sharing here some random pictures from the workshop with more to follow soon.

The workshop ended on a positive note with a group picture and also 2 of the participants Anamika Singh and Siddhant Singh Chauhan winning the best learner / student gift .

Food photography and styling workshop (1)

Siddhant Singh Chauhan and Anamika Singh receive the best student/ learner gift from Deeba Rajpal

Here are some links you may want to check

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If you have a question about Photography you can use this form to ask a question about photography and one of our photography mentor will answer it.

Food photography and styling workshop (21)

Group picture of the participants- L-R. Siddhant, Rupinder, Shilpi, Sangeeta, Deeba ( mentor ), Ruchira, Hardit, Devika, Shikha, Anamika

To know more about our upcoming tours and workshops visit here: Photography Tours by Darter

Food Styled by Deeba Rajpal

Some raw ingredients and spices styled by Deeba Rajpal and clicked by Prasad Np

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