DARTER SPECIALS: Photo-Adventure and Unique Experiences in Rajasthan

  • Join us on a thrilling photo-adventure to one of the most visually exciting places on earth: the Indian state of Rajasthan. Thanks to its ethnically diverse population, its majestic forts and palaces, its warm and welcoming people, its coloured cities, and its rich history and traditions, Rajasthan is one of the most sought-after travel photography locations.

    As part of the trip you’ll mingle with the locals in timeless rural villages well off the beaten path, hit the alleys of quaint old towns, discover bustling markets and fairs, take in breathtaking sunset views, visit architectural wonders that will leave you awestruck, all while having fun capturing memorable shots. The tour itinerary also includes a cattle fair, letting you mix with a large gathering of local people who come to buy/sell their camels and cows.

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    ‘DARTER SPECIALS’ photography tours are carefully crafted photography experiences with unique encounters to maximize photography opportunities and learning, combined with comforts and joys of travel.
  • Tour Dates

    TBD, 2016

    Tour Price

    US$3,795 OR ₹245,600/-

Tour Highlights

  • An exclusive itinerary specially designed to include visits to ‘out of the way’ and ‘out of the regular tourist’ locations including a large cattle fair, keeping photography in mind.
  • A tour focusing more on rural and rustic experiences, without compromising visits to a few carefully chosen highlights of Rajasthan.
  • Led by two professional photographers, including a native Indian photographer well-experienced in leading photography tours who speaks both English and Hindi and a European photographer, allowing the participants to enjoy best photography experiences and maximum take-away from the tour.

Dates & Itinerary

Here is a quick look at our itinerary for eleven days. Also scroll down the page to see a detailed itinerary.

Participants should arrive in Delhi before 12pm on Day 01. It may be helpful to arrive a day earlier in the city. Please contact us if you require any assistance in finding accommodation in Delhi.

  • Day 01 – Arrive in Delhi and travel to Jaipur.
  • Day 02 – Jaipur City – Streets and palaces of Jaipur.
  • Day 03 – Photographing rural life and crafts in and around Jaipur Area.
  • Day 04 – Drive from Jaipur to Jodhpur via Sambhar Lake.
  • Day 05 – Streets of Jodhpur and Mehrangarh Fort.
  • Day 06 – Visit the villages inhabited by Bishnoi Community near Jodhpur.
  • Day 07 – Drive to Nagaur and visit the cattle fair
  • Day 08 – Naguar cattle fair.
  • Day 09 – After an early morning photography session at the fair, drive to Mandawa (Shekhawati)
  • Day 10 – Full day shoot in Shekhawati area – havelis, people and street life.
  • Day 11 – Drive to Delhi in the morning. Drop off at Delhi.

How is this photography tour structured?

Imagine being on a journey to visit beautiful places, interact closely with local people to understand the heritage and culture coupled with learning the nuances of photography on the go and coming back with some great images. This photography tour is designed to accomplish all of these.

With two professional photographers as tour leaders–an Indian and a European–you’ll get any on-field assistance and any tips you may need to get the shot. We’ll also have daily group meetings to discuss any lessons learned, review and comment on the pictures taken during the day, and prepare for any upcoming shooting situation.

Being a small group photography tour, participants get plenty of time to interact with the tour leaders. So no matter what background and level of photography expertise you have, you will necessarily benefit from the tour.

  • If you are an amateur photographer, there is much you can learn about technical aspects and the art of photography through the tour.
  • If you are an experienced photographer, you will immensely benefit from the local knowledge of the tour leaders in being at the right places in making the best possible images.

This tour accepts a maximum of ten participants only.

Tour Price

Tour Price: US$3,795 per person OR ₹245,600/-

The cost includes

  • Accommodation in three/four star or equivalent premium boutique hotels on twin sharing basis, with breakfast. Single supplement charges: US$775
  • Ground transport in spacious air-conditioned private vehicle for the group for the entire tour.
  • All entry fees and camera fees during the tour.
  • Services of two photographer leads during the tour.

The cost does not include

  • Travel to Delhi from your location and travel from the place of checkout to your location.
  • Lunch, dinner, water bottles and additional snacks or beverages ordered
  • Insurance. If you are travelling from outside India, we strongly recommend that you purchase a travel insurance before you fly out.

Detailed Itinerary

The itinerary is designed to maximize photography opportunities throughout the tour. A greater focus of the tour is to connect with the lives of ordinary people, visit rural and rustic places and mix with the local population, even when care has been given to visit some well-known and awe-inspiring sights of the region. After-dark hours and inter-city journeys will often be utilized for group discussions and photo reviews.

Day 01 – Arrive in Delhi and travel to Jaipur.

We begin our journey from Delhi, as this is a convenient port-of-entry for most travellers to gather at. We pick you up from any location in the city–airport or a hotel if you are have already arrived in Delhi–and begin the journey to Jaipur. You should be available at Delhi Airport at 12pm or if you want to be picked up from a hotel, at 10.30am. In the event you do not have convenient flights to reach in time to be picked up, we recommend that you arrive a day early. Please let us know if you need any assistance in finding hotels for you in Delhi.

The drive to Jaipur takes approximately 6 hours. This will be a relaxed evening with an ice-breaker dinner at the hotel, where you get to connect well with other participants and your tour leaders.

Day 02 – Jaipur City – Streets and palaces of Jaipur.

We start the day around 8am, when the winter mist just begins to melt and a mild sunshine filters into the streets. Early morning sun and the palatial buildings provide a beautiful backdrop to flocks of flying pigeons in the streets, which will be one of the pleasurable photography opportunities we encounter today. Later, we will walk in and around the brilliant facades of Hawa Mahal–the palace of winds–that once served as a gallery for the royal women to look down towards the busy streets. It’s these busy streets that will interest us today as much as the palace itself! We will immerse straight into the life on the streets, with our tour leaders helping you connect with people where possible, make conversations and photograph the way of life.

Post lunch we will make a quick visit to the City Palace to get a glimpse of royal life of the kings of yesteryears before heading out to a busy colourful market-street to continue street-photography and conversations.

Rajasthan photography Rajasthan photography Rajasthan photography Rajasthan photography Rajasthan photography

Day 03 – Photographing rural life and crafts in and around Jaipur Area.

As much as its palaces and colourful streets, Jaipur is also known for crafts. Today, we will visit craftsmen and workers who add beautiful colours to clothes through block printing and a few other interesting mechanisms. Block-printing is a slow and laborious process of printing designs into a fabric, now mostly given way to mechanised processes and surviving now in very few places.

Later in the day, we head out of Jaipur and visit a small village of our friends. Today’s lunch will be in a very simple and rustic farm at the edge of a village, at a home located in an orchard of gooseberries and several other plants. We will spend a lot of time walking through the village as well, conversing with the villagers and photographing the everyday life.

Once we have a heart-fill of immersion into rural life in Rajasthan and cameras filled with images of the place, we will head back to Jaipur to spend the night.

Rajasthan photography Rajasthan photography Rajasthan photography Rajasthan photography Rajasthan photography

Day 04 – Drive from Jaipur to Jodhpur via Sambhar Lake.

We begin with a leisurely morning today. The early risers can join our tour leader to see and photograph the city waking up and clustering around small chai-shops and a breakfast of savouries.

Later, we make a two-hour drive to Sambhar Lake Area, where we see and photograph workers in salt-pan gathering salt from mounds in baskets and loading them into a toy-train. People have been extracting salt from these flats for centuries, and the process hasn’t gone through much mechanization even today. Much of the work is hand-labour, while a small train to transport salt to the refinery was an addition from British-era. We spend much of the afternoon photographing the workers and train movement, ending with brilliant sunsets of workers walking on the high-banks reflected by the salt pans set against an orange sky.

Soon after sunset, we will head to our next destination – Jodhpur, where more excitement awaits us tomorrow.

Rajasthan photography Rajasthan photography Rajasthan photography Rajasthan photography Rajasthan photography

Day 05 – Streets of Jodhpur and Mehrangarh Fort.

Jodhpur is famous for its narrow streets lined with houses painted in saturated blue. Today, we will spend much of the time during the first half of the day walking through these streets and photographing life in the city around these beautiful blue walls. The rich blue hues add a great flavour to the semi-urban life of these parts.

In the evening, we will head to the most well-known landmark of Jodhpur, which is also perhaps the most well-known landmark of all of Rajasthan. The day ends with a sunset over the fort, after which we head back to the hotel.

Day 06 – Visit the villages inhabited by Bishnoi Community near Jodhpur.

Today is a day for more inroads into rural Rajasthan. We head out in the morning to visit a cluster of villages inhabited by Bishnois — a community of people living in the rural areas around Jodhpur. We have the whole day to be in the villages, when we get to see people going through their everyday lives as they work in their homes or outdoors. Through the day, we might end up meeting a lot of people at work, including potters, shepherds, women carrying loads, women cooking and much more. Expect to have a close interaction with a lot of people as the day progresses, and get a glimpse of their beautiful lives.

The entire day is dedicated to spending time with and photographing the Bishnoi people. We return to Jodhpur City in the evening.

Rajasthan Photography Rajasthan photography Rajasthan photography Rajasthan photography Rajasthan Photography Tour

Day 07 & 08 – Naguar cattle fair.

These two days are dedicated to Naguar Fair. We drive out of Jodhpur on the 13th morning for the three-hour drive to Nagaur. For next two days, we will be walking amidst the fair-grounds, photographing the cattle–camel and cows–and the people who bring them. You will be busy from morning to evening amidst the crowd, enjoying the spectacle, making new friends over a cup of tea and making many photographs. Two days will be gone before you know it!

Day 09 & 10 – Colourful Havelis of Shekhavati.

Some places deserve a lot more fame than they have. Shekhawati is one of them. It’s two to four hundred years old Havelis (mansions) are a riot of colours. The merchants who build the Havelis employed professional painters to decorate every inch of the wall with their brush. Result – the towns here are filled with multicolour mansion walls. Some are still intact and many are in various stages of dilapidation, all of them greatly photogenic. It’s not just the havelis we are interested in, but also the photogenic inhabitants and the streets of. It will be two days of immersion in colour all the way!

Rajasthan photography Rajasthan photography Rajasthan photography Rajasthan photography Rajasthan photography

Day 11 – Drive to Delhi and drop off.

After breakfast, and perhaps after a short early morning photography session on the streets, we drive back to Delhi, reaching the city some time in the afternoon. The tour ends at Delhi today.

Rajasthan photography Rajasthan photography Rajasthan Photography Tour Rajasthan photography Rajasthan photography

Tour Leaders

Arun Bhat


Accomplished travel and landscape photographer and winner of the prestigious HIPA award, Arun Bhat’s works have been used by publications in India and across the world. He is a professional photographer who has extensively travelled across India creating some of the finest imagery of India’s landscapes and has spent years capturing the essence of India’s cultural diversity.

Having travelled the country many times and experienced in photographing a variety of subjects in Rajasthan, Arun will assisting the group in getting the best pictures and making sure you are having a good time with the camera all through the tour.

More of his works can be found at www.paintedstork.com

Emanuele Siracusa


Emanuele is an Italian photographer currently living in Portugal, a keen visual storyteller who loves travel and exploration. He’s passionate about shooting travel, culture and lifestyle related stories. His work has ended up on several publishing outlets, including print and online publications. Some of Emanuele’s photography is currently represented by stock agencies and has been licensed by a variety of clients including corporations. Emanuele has photographed India several times during his trips and he intends to return many more times.

With a background in corporate training and an innate coaching mentality, Emanuele feels comfortable in the shoes of a facilitator of learning, and has a proven track record of helping people develop their skills and achieve their learning objectives.

His work is showcased at emanuelesiracusa.com

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