Social Responsibility

…leave nothing behind but your footprints…take nothing with you but memories (and photographs!)

This is our goal! No doubt it is lofty (and near impossible to achieve completely by today’s means), but it gives us a direction. We are working on initiatives in 2 broad areas:

  1. To compensate for our contribution to global warming
  2. To ensure local communities and habitats benefit from our travel

Grow-Trees (

We realize that travel is a key contributor to greenhouse emissions. Our association with Grow-Trees is a small step that we’ve taken towards compensating our contribution to Mother Earth’s burden.

Every time you participate in our workshops or tours, we’ll plant trees (through Grow-trees) in your honour at one of their project sites. You’ll receive an e-certificate on your name with the number of trees planted, where they were planted and the tour or workshop that you participated in.


  • is a web-enabled social initiative that allows individuals and corporates to plant trees with just a few clicks and gift these trees out to friends, family members, colleagues or associates through personalized e-certificates to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, festivals or special occasions. Trees are planted on public or community land in the common land of villages, holy environments or the periphery of wildlife sanctuaries or tiger reserves and systems are established to ensure that poor, local communities in the area benefit from fruit, fodder, and non-timber forest produce.Grow-Trees has projects at the following places:

    • Periphery of Kumbhalgarh Sanctuary, Rajasthan
    • Periphery of Sariska Tiger Reserve, Rajasthan
    • Periphery of Kanha National Park, Madhya Pradesh
    • Chintamani, Karnataka
    • Madanapalle, Andhra Pradesh
    • Dwarka, Gujarat
    • Koraput, Odisha
    • Periphery of Satkosia Gorge Wildlife Sanctuary, Odisha (completed)
    • Panchmahal, Gujarat (completed)
    • Udaipur district, Rajasthan (completed)

Association with Research Organizations

We have associated with research organizations for our wildlife photography tours, so that a part of the tour costs go towards funding research activities.

In addition to contributing to research activities, you get a first-hand experience of research activities, understand the multitude of connections that make up the web of life and appreciate the conservation efforts needed to preserve pristine habitats.

Some of the research organizations with whom we have worked are:

  • Agumbe Rainforest Research Station (ARRS), Agumbe, Karnataka
  • Centre for Desert and Ocean (CEDO), Moti Virani, Kutch, Gujarat
  • Centre for Rainforest Ecology (CRE), Agumbe, Karnataka

If you have any more ideas about how we can give back to society and Mother Earth, please drop us an email at