About Us

Explore India's cultural and natural heritage through your camera.

Darter Photography offers a unique outdoor photography experience to exciting destinations across India.

We mentor and aid photography-enthusiasts at all levels through our photography workshops and photography-centric tours. Our programs cater to a wide range of photography-enthusiasts, be it someone who has just bought a camera and toying with it or an experienced person looking for guidance for photography on new subjects and at new locations.

Founded by passionate photographers and travellers, Darter Photography believes in unravelling the beauty of the world through the camera. From distant, near-mythical lands to places in our own backyard, we aim to bring the best photography experience to a growing breed of hobbyists.

Currently, our two primary offerings for photographers are – Photography Workshops and Tours.

  •  Photography Workshops – Our basic photography workshops intend to bring the photographer up to speed with the technical, artistic and social aspects of photography. Our advanced photography workshops focus on specific genres of photography – landscape, wildlife and macro photography – and are targeted towards advanced amateur photographers who love to explore advanced concepts and techniques.
  •  Photography Tours – We conduct photography tours to varied destinations across India – from the historical ruins of Hampi to the mountains and monasteries of Ladakh to the tiger-kingdom of Kanha. Our tours are aimed at providing photographers with a 360-degree view of the places we visit. The Darter Photography Experts on the tour will guide the photographers on opportunities and techniques of landscapes, wildlife, architecture and travel photography. The overall experience of the tour is a key determinant to our success and we go all out to ensure that the photographers have the time of their life during the tour.

For regular updates on our activities, please visit our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/darterphoto